Here's a recap of what we did last night:

- Read part of Transforming Schools with Technology by Andrew Zucker & discussed it using a CFG Protocol

- Shared school or district Tech Plans [ see Beaverton School District's Tech Plan ]

- Talked briefly about Final Project, but will start next class' session with more about that project

- Announced Saturday class, on Feb 21st from 9-3 in the same computer lab. (Allowing us to complete the course on March 5.) This will be mostly a work session on your final project, though I've scheduled a guest speaker to talk about Social Networking and a small handful of other things.

- Guest Speaker: Scott Hacke from Beaverton Schools about the power of film and video. Spoke about Signal to Noise, the annual moving media festival the BSD puts on each year to celebrate student production and creativity; and the Video Tech Cadre, a group of tech-saavy students who help produce work for the district for credit, recognition and even payment. Check out the Beaverton Sch District main web site and see what's featured.

- We finished with our blog reflections on either Scott's presentation or on the readings earlier in the class.

- HW for next week: Please come next week with observations of tech use in your building--is it encouraging? Concerning? Why or why not?

Also, please read my blog and check the class website for more information and links.

Please be thinking good thoughts for Paul Wear this week as he faces surgery on his foot on Saturday. Paul's blog has some fantastic pictures of the swelling and x-rays.

Thanks and have a good week.