Bring in the Clowns -
A Metphor for Ministry

by Bud Frimoth

Bring in the Clowns

Metaphors fill the scriptures and Jesus was master of them. Understanding ministry through a clown metaphor without becoming one can enliven your calling as lay or clergy.

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Let Rev. Bud Frimoth show you how a passion for effective and creative ministry led him, and his wife, into clown ministry. He'll show you how this is more than just fun and games with children. Clowning opens doors and reaches people in ways that no other form of ministry can. It calls for a new kind of innovation and creativity in encounters with audiences and individuals. Rev. Bud's story is a wonderful model for starting or improving your own clown ministry, but it is also an inspiring story of a man and woman committed to the gospel. -

Frimoth, 84, won the award for his book, Bring in the Clowns: A Metaphor for Ministry, published by Pleasant Word, a division of Wine Press. The book, drawing on Frimoth’s years of ministry and clowning, suggests how the art of clowning offers helpful metaphors for reflecting on ministry. -

Bring in the Clowns: A Metaphor for Ministry is part ministry toolkit, part clowning manual, and part memoir. Bud Frimoth relates his unusual experience of clowning in ministry to bring perceptive wisdom to both ministry and clowning. Of particular interest is how Frimoth relates the special crossover in talents, gifts and needs between good clowning and good ministry. In the end, his book is useful for any number of people: for those considering ordained ministry, for those in the ministry but looking for a spark of creativity, for those who are into clowning and may be looking for a way to use their talents to good ends, and for those simply wanting to hear some good stories. Bring in the Clowns is highly recommended! - reviews

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Communion Service

Westminster Presbyterian Church -1999

Valley Presbyterian Church - August 2011

Clowning Internationally

Saudi Arabian International School - Riyadh • Dec 1991 Clowning for a Saudi Prince's Birthday - Riyadh • Dec 1991

Feature video from "Senior Scene" with Kirby Brumfield
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Interview with Bud Frimoth reflecting on his WWII experience with John Erickson K103 Portland. Click HERE to listen.

Articles and Reflections
by Bud & Lenore Frimoth

The Cardiac Ward – A Place for Clowns?
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Westminster Presbyterian Church's "Silent Night" - Christmas Eve 2013


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