EDAD 536 - Leading with Instructional Technology
Summer 2013

"In 2004 when I wrote "The World is Flat", Facebook didn't exist to most people, Twitter was a sound, the cloud was in the sky, 4G was a parking place, Linked In was a prison, applications were what you sent to college, and for most people, and Skype was a typo. This, all in a seven year span. We're not just connected, we're hyper connected."
- Thomas Friedman Sept 2011 "Meet the Press"


Leaders of the Educational Revolution - EDAD 536 Summer 2013


Instructor: Todd Frimoth

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G Douglas Bundy



Class Bibliography:

disrupting class

Disrupting Class – How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns
by Clayton Christensen


Transforming Schools with Technology
by Andrew Zucker

Read Zucker's blog



SESSION ONE - July 22, 2013
Final Project Page Due-EOD Wednesday

BIG IDEA - Course Overview, Blog, Introductions, Educational Technology Part 1

Session 2 - July 23, 2013 - BIG IDEA: Educational Technology - Part 2, Power of Story in Video

  • Creating iMovie and QuickTime projects

Session 3 - July 24 - BIG IDEA: The Web Parts 1 & 2

G Doug Bundy
Guest Speaker: G Bundy, Certified Google Teacher, at Raleigh Hills K-8 (Beaverton School District)
Visit G's website

  • Homework: Finalize Final Project AND bring school or district tech plan (can be a link, too!)

Session 4 - July 25, 2013 - BIG IDEA: Effective Presentations/District Tech Plans and Pedagogy and Technology

  • Blog Response
  • Center Court - "Local Visioning" - what would yours be?
  • RSAnimate Video: Sir Ken Robinson
  • Final Project Preparation

    Session 5 - July 26, 2013 - BIG IDEA:

    • Respond to blogs
    • Sugata Mitra's presentation at TED Conference:
    • 10 minute Blog entry in response to Sugata Mitra's presentation:
      • What's your take on a SOLE? Is it doable in our public school context?
      • Thnk about how you'd begin to create and maintain your school to become an Optimal Learning Environment (OLE`):
        • What should the teacher be doing?
        • What should the students be doing?
        • What does the building look like?
        • What should the principal be doing?
        • What does the technology integration look like?
    • Social media, eBooks and the future
    • Final Presentations
    • Course Evaluation
    • Dismiss


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