"I am an optimist. I believe most problems can be solved."

– Bill Gates, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2009 TED.com "The Great Unveiling"

"Technology is a tool."

– Paul Navarre - Feb 5, 2009

FOCUS: Tech Tools & WEB 101
Center Court - "Observations of Good Use in Schools"
Final Project Overview
Overview of Various Software tools in schools
(integrated software, CAI, stand alone, web apps, creative, production, etc.)

Didn't get to:

Web history (brief) DNA (html, URL, ISP, CSS, scripting lang)
Web Future (Web 2.0, collaborative web apps,)
Web Int’l Standardization (W3C Consortium)
Web-based efficiency tools (DWeaver, Adobe Page Mill, )

What is Web 2.0?
Reflection Questions:
- Could you explain the difference between Web 1.0 and 2.0?
- What do you think Web 3.0 would bring?
- What do you wish the web could do in education that it is not?

Google Web Site building - Will do Feb 12

Links to look at before/after class:

What is Web 2.0?
Project Gutenberg
Web 2.0 Links & Applications

Todd's Test Google Web page
Article: College web design courses fail with bosses
Experts say higher education should focus on fundamentals of web design, not just currently popular software

Paul Navarre – Web Developer - NET INTERACTION

Paul's presentation asked some great questions about the purpose of technology in education. Technology is a tool, and its focus should be on the how it impacts student learning. See Pete and Vicki's blog entry for a good overview.

Response to Guest Speaker or reading in class.
TED.com - Annual Conference 2009 - Explore online

Homework for Class 4 - Prep for Final Project Proposal.
If you have time, read and respond to each others' blogs and become a follower on a few of them.

Other things to try:
- build a web site in Google Sites
look for the "Document" section in Google. I've added one document and invited everyone to collaborate on.
It's our "Desired Learning" document. Please see if you can add to it, then put your initials in the organge box.